Nourmajan real estate

Nourmajan real estate has been a leading company in the real estate industry since 2006. By providing the best real estate services that fulfill customers’ needs and achieve their goals. Moreover, it works constantly to find the available opportunities in real estate market. Nour Majan highlight in its early years on providing real estate brokerage services, years later, Nour Majan proceed to provide more services under one stop shop of the real estate market. As a company, Nour Majan believes in building a strong bound with its customers that is based on trust, accordingly it keens to maintain this relationship through high performance, achievements and quality. With the efforts of the workers, we were able to work with several projects.

CEO's statement

In light of the urban development, the real estate sector is one of the promising sectors in the Sultanate of Oman, where the real estate market has witnessed a great growth and received wide attention from the national government, and therefore the government is striving to develop the real estate market and attract both the local and foreign investment. This only could achieve through providing the residential lands and urban planning. From this standpoint, we have established Nour Majan to be the primary interface to provide all real estate services to its clients, committed to credibility in supply and demand. The company’s ambitions expanded. Therefore, in new year 2021, the company launches its first branch in Muscat, to serve all segments of society, Today, we are proud of our constructive achievements and we look forward to more successes thanks to the distinguished national cadres and their efforts at a high level of professionalism and skill, which contributed to making a milestone in the real estate development industry in the Sultanate as we look to the future with determination and ambition.

Our Services



Real estate brokerage is considered as a main factor in the company’s structure accordingly, Nour majan real estate achieved a number of deals in terms of selling and buying lands in Oman. It keeps providing all types of lands such as residential, tourist, agricultural, industrial and commercial residential. Moreover, it works to provide residential blocks such as houses and villas.

Location: All areas in Oman.



Our team has succeeded to cover nearly all regions in the sultanate, which helped us to build a great experience in the real estate market. Our company always follows all standards and keep up -to- date to meet customer’s needs in Oman based on the Urban growth.
The valuation process Included all type of Properties
residential – residential, commercial industrial, agricultural, tourism uses.

Location: All areas in Oman.



This department is considered as one of the most important section in real estate field since it Providing the building basics and workers to hand over your real estate project either by delivering the structure, key, or the labor, as agreed. Nour majan Real Estate has expanded its investment area in this domain by establishing its own housing and offering it to individuals and institutions alike for investment.

Location: Only Muscat governorate ( ALMABILA) & AL-Batina  south governorate.



Nour majan Real Estate has developed the concept of asset and real estate property management by providing an exceptional experience through which it monitored all the variables that occur in the real estate market and its needs. The company is working to create a safe environment for its customers by providing the necessary services and guard services, collecting and depositing rents and keeping documents and payments. As well as, dealing with government agencies.

Location: Only Muscat governorate & AL-Batina south governorate.